Konjac face wash

Pure konjac cleaning cotton, is a pure natural fiber can be used to wash face, bath products, raw materials are from western hubei mountainous area 600-1400 meters above sea level mountain konjac, manual craft, feel soft, elastic, guarantee the skin from the stimulation. At the same time, deep clean pores, remove black heads, lock water moisture, make skin breathe freely, wash a face massage skin at the same time, the two have a Ju!


Konjac is a kind of herbaceous plants growth at an altitude of 1500 meters above the mountains, its widely used in food field. From konjac powder refining of glucohexaose modern medical research has proved that gan sugar in moderation can reduce high blood triglycerides. Konjac is a kind of beauty products: internal and can discharge poison to raise colour slimming, external use can clean skin, protect skin, beautiful skin, keep skin, and other functions.

This product refined but become, with consumption level flexible konjac fiber has the significant characteristics of moisturizing and softening, in clean at the same time protect the skin surface from stimulus. After absorbing water feels soft, rich flexibility, combined with the cleaning supplies are used together, are more likely than general sponge material clean face product to produce rich foam, more can deeply clean pore, make skin fresh and smooth, breathe freely.

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